Dr. Tobias C. Buer

Associate Professor in Logistics

PO Box 1816
Athaibah PC 130, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman

Visit my ORCID record or my list of publications.

Note on my social media profiles. A wide range of services provide public profiles of scholars like myself which have been generated (semi-)automatically, e.g. Research Gate, Mendely, etc. My time is limited and I do not want to spent it on updating and correcting all of these profiles. However, I try to keep my list of publications at Google Scholar and my ORCID record up-to-date. Please check these and use my CV instead of relying on incomplete or randomized data sources.

Research Interests

collaborative planning in production and logistics
negotiation mechanisms
combinatorial auctions
multi objective optimization
transportation decision support systems


  • My dissertation has been awarded the PhD Award 2012 of the German Operational Research Society (GOR e.V.).
  • The paper Agent-Negotiation of Lot-Sizing Contracts by Simulated Annealing with Part-Way Resets by Mario Ziebuhr, Tobias Buer, and Herbert Kopfer has been awarded the MATES 2013 best paper award.